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Scale Build-Up

Heavy Debris Blockage

Heavy Sludge

PICT0030 copy.JPG

Trench Rot


Root Intrusion 


Significant Root Intrusion


"Heavy Debris Blockage"

"Heavy Sludge"

"Scale Build-Up"

"Root Intrusion"

"Trench Rot" 

This can be caused from remodels, by allowing improper things to be flushed/washed down drains, and lack of maintenance. Grease, oils, shampoos, etc build up over time causing these issues, if not taken care of and maintained periodically.

How can we fix it?

   Hi speed drain cleaning. This is a multistep process. First we use a very precise and specific chain that is custom made to fit your pipes exact diameter. This ensures that NO pipe damage occurs. It'll go in, descales and break apart large debris blockages, which then allows hydro jetting equipment to wash it all away. Leaving your pipes clean and truly clear.

The last step would be adding a 100% epoxy coating. This will give your cast iron pipes an additional 50 year life span, it's a trench-less solution! Meaning you won't be jackhammering up your beautiful flooring in your home, ripping up your landscaping, or driveway to replace a pipe. An unnecessary project that could cost you 10's of thousands. Trench-less epoxy coating is a more cost effective way to keep your sewer line in tip top shape for years to come! 

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PipePatch Restoration

Premier Point Repair Technology

Say goodbye to costly and time consuming excavations and get right to the point of trenchless pipe repair with the PipePatch NO DIG Repair System.

The PipePatch system is installed through a cleanout or other readily accessible point. PipePatch repairs damaged pipes due to corrosion, cracks, joint separations, and root and water infiltration regardless of the pipe age or material.


Major Separation at a Joint with Dirt & Root Intrusion.


             New Construction - Major Hole and Crack 

pipe patch before.jpg
pipe patch before from builder.jpg


PipePatch Installation

pipe patch after.jpg
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